Contract Signing in Turkana

Industrial Catering Contract Signing TurkanaDetails of the Contract :

Dry food products contract was awarded to Akiberan Aberu. This is a one year contract, and it was signed on the 10th August 2016.
Non-food items – cleaning materials and toiletries contract was awarded to Naperobei General Contractors Limited. This was signed on the 10th August 2016.

Advantages of Having the Contract

The need to meet our Corporate Social Responsibility requirements within Lonrho Group.
The need to meet our Social Performance obligations to both our client and the local community in Turkana.
The need to develop positive impact to the community by developing them economically.

A sound, robust corporate social responsibility framework and organisational mindset can genuinely help organisations deliver public value outcomes by focusing on how their services can make a difference in the community. This might happen indirectly, where an organisation’s services enable others to contribute to the community, or directly through the organisation’s own activities.