Remote Site

Remote Site Project Support Services

Our core service offering is Camp Design & Construction, Camp Facility Management Services, and Industrial Catering Services; which house the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Overall project planning, cost analysis and forecasting
  • Financial analysis and built options evaluation, including the creation of camp visualisation drawings and simulations
  • Advice on funding strategies, including identification of options for our clients including Build Own Operate (BOO), Build Operate Transfer (BOT) etc
  • Design and build services
  • Value engineering analysis
  • Construction project scheduling
  • Local environment and stakeholder identification and analysis
  • Security assessment (with qualified partners)
  • Local community engagement strategy
  • Local employment, including training and mentoring of local staff
  • Camp start-up planning and programming services
  • Recruitment of camp management teams and ancillary support staff for camp operations
  • Food supply and catering services
  • Housekeeping, laundry, reception & room management, and recreation services
  • Facility and equipment maintenance services
  • Fuel supply and power generation
  • Procurement and supply chain management

AFEX focuses on solving our clients' logistics and remote site establishment problems, allowing our clients to focus on their core business challenges, and we are accustomed and accomplished in working in tandem with our client's internal expertise and resources, establishing strong team-working arrangements from the outset of a project. In Kenya and South Sudan.

AFEX has partnered with clients to define requirements and devise design solutions, in business development cycles that can take many months. We feel we are unique in the remote site sector in having both the resources and the flexibility to do this.

Our successful track record in providing practical project design services to our clients means we are often asked to design, build and then operate the client’s facility. Our clients frequently state that we are easy to work with, and our collaborative approach allows them to be more involved in the project planning process.

Remote Site Project Support

Remote Site Camp Construction