AFEX Careers

Making AFEX a great place to work

At AFEX we embrace the “Preferred Employer” culture by creating an inclusive working environment with each employee feeling valued, respected and appreciated. This inspires employees to work towards realizing their full potential thereby increasing employee morale.

Employment Practices

At AFEX we comply with the legal requirements in all jurisdictions in which we operate while adhering to the principle of respect of the law. The AFEX Human Resources Policy Manual provides a comprehensive overview of the human resource policies, procedures and systems for employees built around our company values. These policies and procedures have been developed to ensure that there is uniform definition, management and supervision of human resources throughout the organization and across all AFEX sites. 

Transparent Recruitment Process

At AFEX all vacancies including opportunities for advancement are advertised internally and externally, with existing staff given every opportunity to apply for the job. This enables us to attract and retain local top talent. AFEX is committed to training and developing our local employees.


AFEX appreciates the diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of employees and creates an inclusive culture where employees can thrive.

Strong Commitment to Equal Opportunity

AFEX ensures fairness and equity of the recruitment and selection process by strictly prohibiting discrimination based on any personal attribute such as age, gender, ethnic, race, nationality, religion or disability. 

Work with us…

At AFEX we invest in our employees throughout their career, help them to rise through the ranks, achieve their personal career goals, and participate in regular AFEX and Lonrho Group events including seminars and conferences. There are opportunities to gain work experience abroad through exchanges with other Lonrho subsidiaries within Africa. 

AFEX offers a multi-cultural tolerant work environment, excellent career development opportunities, and competitive remuneration packages.
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