Our People

Local knowledge, global reach

AFEX’s senior management team has extensive experience in remote site support and construction in the Middle East and Africa, together with specialist skills in camp design and construction, transport and logistics, international aviation, fuel supply, provision of temporary power and the provision of integrated camp services.

Local Recruitment in each country of operation

AFEX always seeks to identify and employ skilled and connected local nationals in each country of operation. We recruit with the objective of creating and then maintaining strong national management teams in each country. This approach allows AFEX to train up promising local national staff, while benefiting from the extensive local contacts and deep local knowledge these staff bring to AFEX.

Our local staff in each country are tasked not only with business development, and management of new business, but at the same time briefed as to the fundamental importance of good community relations, and the importance of maintaining the company’s positive reputation in each and every project we choose to undertake. AFEX recognises that long-term sustainable business growth is only possible if supported and encouraged by each local community we operate within.

Each African country team can call on the management resources not only of AFEX Head Office, but also of the Lonrho Group. AFEX maintains a database of qualified and experienced workers who can be mobilized quickly in response to unforeseen events at our client sites.

AFEX values the diverse backgrounds, skills and experience of our employees, and creates an inclusive culture where employees can thrive.

AFEX ensures fairness and equity of our recruitment and selection process by maintaining a non-discriminatory approach, and prohibits discrimination based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, nationality, religion or disability.

Mining Camps

Remote Camp Administration

Camp Facilities Management

Making AFEX a Great Service Provider For Our Customers

For supervisory and management staff grades, AFEX prefers to employ staff with direct experience of the services we offer. This prior experience is most often gained through experience in the construction or hospitality industries, but we have also recruited staff from the ranks of our traditional client base.

We encourage our supervisors and managers to adopt a customer oriented "User Experience Design" approach, not only designing services to meet customer requirements, but going further in modelling user experiences (e.g. in the dining hall, or upon check in, etc.), and then tracking user reactions to those services via our customer feedback mechanisms. These customer feedback mechanisms include online survey, written comments, and (most recently) a bespoke AFEX ‘app’ for mobile phones that camp residents are encouraged to download and use to record their feedback on our services.

Making AFEX a Great Place To Work For Our Employees

AFEX seeks to become “Preferred Employer” within each country we operate within. We achieve this by creating an inclusive working environment, with each employee feeling valued, respected and appreciated for their efforts. 

At AFEX we comply with the legal requirements in all jurisdictions in which we operate. Our AFEX Group Human Resources (HR) Policy Manual provides a comprehensive overview of our HR policies, procedures and systems, and this manual is made available to all staff.

Employee Medical Screening

AFEX ensures all our food service employees receive medical screening and clearance before commencing work in our catering operations, in accordance with food safety regulations, and the ISO 22000 and HACCP standards. 

All our personnel on permanent or temporary assignment in food service areas possess a valid Medical certificate obtained from medical screening by a recognized Governmental clinic.

The Medical certificate with the employees’ photo attached is kept on file in the AFEX Dining Facility Manager’s office at all times for inspection by client Management or the relevant local authority. Medical exams are conducted during the pre-employment and deployment phase of employment by AFEX and are updated annually.

All food-handling staff are instructed clearly on matters of food safety, including their legal duty to inform their supervisor if they are suffering or may be suffering from a disease that is potentially transmitted by food to other persons. 

AFEX provides all necessary grooming and personal hygiene items to AFEX staff deployed to remote sites, without charge to the employee.

Customer Service Assistant (CSA)

AFEX believes in having a multi-skilled work force, which is achieved through the Customer Service Assistant model. This is aimed at ensuring that employees are equipped with more than one skill set and helps in creating skill upgrade, career advancement, salary progression and productivity improvement.

The key objective is to help staff earn better wages through skills upgrading and productivity improvements, help staff at all levels of the wage to upgrade and progress to the next wage level and create better opportunities for the staff once they leave AFEX. The employees progress through the following grades:

  • Grade I: Single skill set
  • Grade II: Two skill set
  • Grade III: Three skill set
  • Grade IV: Four skill set

Mining Camp Management

Staff Induction

Our company training plan includes pre-deployment training, daily ‘Tool Box’ sessions, weekly refresher sessions, and awareness briefings on ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) requirements.

Investing in People - "Passport to Excellence"

As we are sure everyone will appreciate, one of the major contributing factors in determining the cost of providing the services we aim to deliver are the costs associated with the provision of labour, put simply, The cost of providing the input’s required to deliver the outputs”.

At AFEX, we invest in the training and development of all our staff through our “Passport to Excellence” scheme. This ensures all our staff have the opportunity to develop a number of different skill sets enabling them to work across many departments within the organization. In addition to providing enrichment to their daily routine, it provides them with the opportunity to enhance their salary with each skill set developed. This allows AFEX to ensure “spare capacity” created in the manpower planning is kept to a minimum thus avoiding unnecessary costs to our clients. Another advantage is that the skills developed are skills for life and enhance the value of our highly trained staff when they decide to move on in their careers.

Drugs & Alcohol Policy

AFEX employees are informed at recruitment stage about our strict no alcohol or drugs policy. AFEX employees are forbidden to consume alcohol while at work or report to work under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It is made clear within all employment contracts that breaching this company policy will result in termination of employment.

Staff Training

AFEX monitors and records the training required and received by incoming employees. AFEX requires all employees to complete induction and site orientation training before deployment to work on-site, and our supervisors are accountable for ensuring completion of training and documentation of training outcomes and results.