To leave a positive footprint in all the communities we operate in that adds value and is sustainable, leaving a legacy that is far reaching in terms of enhancing the lives of those we touch.

Procurement of Local Goods and Services

Our commitment as AFEX is to support local community within the radius of 150 miles in the supply of goods and services, at prices which are competitive with the international rates and are in all substantives respects of quality comparable withe the quality of goods available outside the country and which are available in the quantities and to the schedule required by AFEX to perform its work.

AFEX currently works with Akiberan Aberu Suppliers Contractor Company LImited, Naperubei Transporters & General Contractors Limited, and DIAR Consultants Limited, who provide various goods and services as per AFEX's standards.

Charitable Programs Initiatives

AFEX is committed in enriching and empowering the local community by raising money through raffles draws during big world social events like rugby event, world cup, cricket, football, golf etc. Money raised is donated to either local schools, community groups, orphanages etc.


  • 80% or higher, local recruits
  • "Passport to Excellence" for skills training
  • Multi skilling training rewarded financially
  • Succession planning to develop local talent into higher positions
  • Apprenticeship schemes for local youth

"Footprint in the Community" is a responsibility of all involved, to make a real difference in every day lives and leave a positive footprint in the communities we operate in".

CSR Manager