Remote Camp Facility Management Services

Camp Facility Management Services

Within AFEX, we understand the importance maintenance plays on the overall experience of staying in one of our managed facilities. Using teams of dedicated tradesmen, supported by a full PPM shcedule, we ensure all preventive maintenance is carried out to the highest standards.
Of course, out of hours emergencies are addressed through our dedicated help desk.

AFEX provides a full range of Planned Preventive Maintenance and ad hoc Reactive Maintenance services for a wide range of camp plant and equipment, from buildings and tented camps to electrical generators, and kitchens to chilled / cold / frozen food storage and HVAC installations.

Our FM and Building Management services are supported by AFEX’s Agility suite of FM and operational support software (supplied by Softsols Group).

At AFEX, Camp Facility Management Services are an interdisciplinary business function that coordinates space, infrastructure, people and organization. Our services are geared towards meeting clients’ needs in terms of accommodation, utilities management, hospitality, project design and management, cleanliness, Potable Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment and Comprehensive Waste Management, Power Generation and Energy Management, Entertainment and Leisure, Fire Safety, Grounds Handling and Landscaping. 

Over the years these activities have been developed to world class standards through the application of internally developed integrated management systems incorporating proven and robust standard operating procedures. 

Our commitment is to customize a unique solution for our clients that adds value while reducing overall camp lifecycle costs.


The AFEX FM and Engineering team conducts site surveys, designs facilities, selects equipment and consumables, and plans plant and equipment installation and commissioning followed by the enactment of a Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) service regime. All activities operate under strict budgetary control and strict time line guidelines agreed with our client.

AFEX provides qualified and experienced staff for building maintenance, painting, plumbing, wiring and electrical installation, portioning, equipment and machine maintenance, operation and maintenance of generator sets, distribution boards and switch boards maintenance and HVAC. Over the years, our staff have become highly competent and are able to trouble-shoot and diagnose the malfunction and devise corrective action. 

The AFEX Project Manager (PM) for Building and Facilities Maintenance and Repairs to our clients for achievement and maintenance of agreed Key Performance Indicators, and directs and oversees AFEX staff to create and subsequently maintain a safe, clean, orderly, and cost-effective working environment.

The AFEX Project Manager is assisted by qualified and experienced Facilities Management (FM) Supervisors.

Building Management Services

AFEX provides building management and maintenance services for fire alarm systems, CCTV, in addition to soft services such as landscaping, grounds maintenance, and cleaning.

Our use of Agility software allows AFEX management and supervisors at any of our sites to raise Work Orders, assign them to a qualified member of staff, and monitor status of the Work Order until it is closed out. Agility also provides AFEX and our clients with trend reports and summaries, allowing us to demonstrate adherence to agreed service levels and requests and view their progress. Thus AFEX can demonstrate in both specific cases and over longer periods of time how long we take to respond to tasks and requests raised by our customers.

Agility ensures that the person making the request is given an indication of when and by whom the work will be completed. We can then notify the initiator of the request or work order upon completion, so that they can check that the outcome is satisfactory.

Building and Facilities Maintenance and Repair within Mogadishu

AFEX’s Initial Condition Survey

As part of our Mobilization Plan, following contract award, AFEX undertakes a detailed Initial Condition Survey to determine asset location, asset condition, and operational criticality. AFEX uses this survey in order to establish an agreed benchmark with the client on the condition and status of each asset intended for inclusion within the Building. The focus of AFEX’s Building and Facilities Maintenance and Repair Plan is on Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM), also known as Planned Maintenance (PM), a scheduled service visit carried out by a competent and qualified AFEX FM Technician, to ensure that an item of equipment is operating correctly and to avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime.

Facility Maintenance and Repair

Scope of service provided by AFEX

This important inspection and appraisal task enables AFEX to determine the exact location of the asset (recorded with GPS bearings, using a GPS equipped digital camera).

The facility audit and associated asset checks before commencement of services gathers information that allows AFEX to determine immediate spares required under the Scope of Work to bring facilities to operating condition. 

In the event that parts need to be ordered to restore any asset to working condition, AFEX advises our clients in an “Initial Condition Survey” report which include a cost estimate. Upon client approval of the cost estimate, AFEX raises a Work Order for parts and then schedules any necessary work required.

FM Staffing AFEX

AFEX FM Technicians consist of “qualified trades and craftsmen” including but not limited to Generator Mechanics, Plumbers, Welders and Carpenters, etc.

AFEX’s Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) programme addresses the following aspects:

  • Records of past Maintenance Operations prior to completion of the Initial Condition Survey undertaken during mobilization;
  • Use of generators, vehicles and tools, will include the assets’ embedded diagnostics (if any);
  • Performance metrics to monitor the cost effectiveness of repairs.
Remote Site Construction

Electrical Systems

Electrical systems and closets are inspected annually. Maintenance personnel will be familiar with the locations of all electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, fuses, main feeders, sub-feeders, panel boards, and substations. 

All wiring will be in compliance with National Electric or British Electrical Standards. The safety of workers is paramount; staff ensure that power is shut off and/or lines are de-energized where work is performed and that the LOCK-OUT TAG-OUT system is used.

Remote Power Generation

Preventive Maintenance

AFEX preventative maintenance schedules are based on the manufacturers’ recommendations for each item of plant or equipment. We have developed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for each major piece of equipment used within our camps. Each SOP includes the specific equipment log, preventative maintenance check list, parts list, lubricants, specialized tool list along with the manufactures guidelines and references required for maintenance. 

Preventive Maintenance components include:

  • Manufacturers maintenance manual
  • Operator instructions
  • Equipment daily check sheet/monthly summary 
  • Temperature charts
  • Service records
  • Cleaning schedules 
  • Maintenance schedules

Temporary Power Generation and HVAC

AFEX provides Generator Sets ranging from 20 KVA to 550 KVA, and a full suite of HVAC and refrigeration solutions. 

AFEX is committed to the creation of attractive landscaped camps and facilities, creating residential environments that are both attractive and appealing to the eyes, while also providing solar and dust mitigation, and a measure of environmental conservation in the remote sites we work within.

Preventive Maintenance Teams

Camp Facilities Management
  • Dediated tradesmen
  • Full PPM maintenance system
  • 24 hour help desk service

"The importance of good, timely maintenance within any facility cannot be understated: a community of 5,000 who suddenly find themselves deprived of power or water is unthinkable"

FM Services Manager

Camp Facilities Management

Remote Camp Facilities Management

Water Treatment Juba & Turkana

AFEX has installed and continues to operate state-of-art potable water purification plant and waste water treatment plant at Kapese Village, Turkana and River Camp in Juba. The water is continually tested to ensure conformity with National Regulatory Standards.

Remote Site Water Treatment