Camp Catering Services

Bespoke industrial remote site catering for camps and industrial facilities. Meal plans designed with variety and healthy choices in mind. All food is stored, prepared and cooked on site to the highest industry standards working to HACCP standards with dedicated Health & Safety officers on site at all times.

At AFEX, we have over 25 years experience of providing innovative camp catering solution to remote site projects. Whether it's feeding a 10,000 multi-national man camp or a 30 man fly camp, AFEX will provide the ultimate solution for the occasion.

AFEX provides customized menus developed in close co-ordination with our Clients. We provide Healthy Eating options at each meal service, and a range of Healthy Eating signage within our Dining Facilities to inform and educate diners.

AFEX recipe and menu management provides nutritional analysis of our served meals, and for foodstuffs stock control and purchasing.

Food Supply

ISO 22000 and HACCP food handling and safety standards are implemented throughout the AFEX food supply chain.

Our HACCP Plan includes the written documentation for a particular product and/or food supply or catering process that describes the product, risk assessment process and corrective actions to be followed in accordance with HACCP principles.

Remote Site Catering

Food Safety

Remote Camp Catering
  • Fully accredited by Lloyds's of London for ISO 22000 and HACCP
  • Temperature compliance and monitoring throughout the food chain
  • Food standards celarly defined for porduct quality

"At AFEX, we understand the effect that good, well balanced ethinically conducive, nutritional food has on staff welfare and morale, providing that "Taste of Home"...

AFEX Corporate Executive Chef